Alternative Utility Fuel

Examination of Dimethyl Ether as an Alternative Utility Fuel

Student: Chris Frye

Sponsor: Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Program Manager – Peter J. A. Tijm

Determine the emissions formed in DME diffusion and premixed flames and compare to propane and n-butane

Measurements were made of NO and CO emissions from DME, propane and n-butane flames using a water-cooled sampling probe and two burners: an annular co-flow diffusion flame burner and a premixed flame (McKenna style) burner.

Our results indicate that on all bases considered, DME demonstrated lower CO emission than propane and n-butane over a broad range of stoichiometries. NO production from DME was generally less than or similar to propane and n-butane over the same stoichiometric range. DME burns with a non-luminous flame and the DME flames were typically much more compact.

Frye, C. A., A. L. Boehman and P. J. A. Tijm. A Comparison of CO and NO Emissions from Propane, n-Butane, and Dimethyl Ether Premixed Flames. Energy & Fuels, 13, 650-654 (1999).