Past Projects

Alternative Fuels and Reformulated Fuels

  • Examination of Dimethyl Ether as an Alternative Utility Fuel Link
  • Effect of Oxygenated Cetane Improver on Diesel Engine Combustion and Emissions Link
  • Development of a Dimethyl Ether (DME)-Fueled Shuttle Bus Demonstration Project Link
  • Refinery Integration of By-Products of Coal-Derived Jet Fuel Link
  • In-Cylinder Imaging of Alternative IC Engine Fuels in Production Engines Link
  • Evaluation of Ultra Clean fuels from Natural Gas Link
  • Hydrogen-Assisted IC Engine Combustion as a Route to Hydrogen Implementation Link

Low Heat Rejection Diesel Engine

  • Examination of Thermal Barrier Coatings for Diesel Particulate Reduction Link
  • Development of High Temperature Lubricants Link

Low Temperature Combustion and HCCI Combustion

  • Ignition Studies of Alternative Fuels Link
  • Examination of the Thermodynamics of Low Temperature Combustion Link

Vegetable Oil and Vapor Phase Lubricants

  • Use of Renewable, Vegetable Oil-Based Lubricants in Diesel Engines to Reduce Particulate Emissions Link
  • Development of High Temperature Lubricants Link

Heterogeneous NOx Catalysis

  • Low Temperature Catalytic Reduction of NO via Selective Catalytic Reduction by Ammonia Catalytic Combustion and catalytically Stabilized Combustion Link
  • Numerical Studies of the Thermal and Chemical Behavior of Catalytic Combustion on Monolith Supported Catalysts Link

Advanced Thermally Stable Jet Fuels

  • Studies of Jet Fuel Thermal Stability Aimed at Development of “JP-900”, a Fuel Formulation that will Resist Deposit Formation at Elevated Temperatures Link

Flame-Material Interactions

  • Nanostructure and Surface Chemistry of Soot from Diesel Combustion Link
  • Studies of Flame Attenuation of Glass Fibers and Flame Synthesis of Advanced Coatings from Fly Ash Link