Soot from Diesel Combustion

Flame-Material Interactions – Nanostructure and Surface Chemistry of Soot from Diesel Combustion

  Students:  Juhun Song, Khalid Al-Qurashi, Christine Esangbedo

Sponsors: Various

Faculty: Prof. Joseph Perez, Department of Chemical Engineering Prof. Andr‚ Boehman, Department of Energy & Geo-Environmental Engineering

Objective: To understand the relationship between fuel, combustion conditions and the morphology and chemistry of diesel soot.

Approach: This work relies on the application of thermophoretic sampling from diesel exhaust to collect individual particulates on a transmission electron microscope sample holder (a TEM grid), and subsequent characterization of the macrostructure and nanostructure of the aggregate and primary particles via TEM and high resolution TEM. These individual particle results are confirmed by bulk structural and chemical analyses via XRD, Raman spectroscopy, and thermal analyses.

Results: Unique observations of the variation of nanostructure of diesel particulates with different diesel fuels.

Publications: Song, J., M. Alam, A. L. Boehman and K. Miller. Characterization of Diesel and Biodiesel Soot. In ACS Fuel Chemistry Division Preprints, 49(2), 767-769 (2004)  

TimeBP-15 SootBP-20 Soot
No Burn-OffSoot from Diesel Combustion (1)Soot from Diesel Combustion (2)
After 30 @ 500CSoot from Diesel Combustion (3)Soot from Diesel Combustion (4)