Facilities that the Group are actively using


  • Ricardo Hydra Mk IV light duty single cylinder SI research engine, Model P8828 with 4 valves and twin overhead camshafts.
  • Yanmar L70EE single-cylinder naturally aspirated direct injection (DI) air-cooled diesel engine, 5.8 hp rating.
  • General Motors ZDTH 1.9L Turbodiesel engine
  • Volvo MD11 Heavy Duty 11 liter engine, converted to operate on a single cylinder 
  • Waukesha CFR Octane Rating Engine, with optional fuel injector and vaporizer to operate the CFR engine as a rapid compression machine for autoignition studies.
  • Ford 1.6L I4 turbocharged direct injection Ecoboost engine
  • Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Turbodiesel engine

Engine Test Cells

  • Steady state DC dyno test cell, 200 hp capacity
  • AVL single cylinder heavy-duty engine test cell, with supercharger system for boost air, temperature control system for coolant and lubricant, 180 kW capacity AC dynamometer
  • AVL medium duty test cell, 350 kW capacity AC dynamometer
  • AVL light duty test cell, 180 kW capacity AC dynamometer

Emissions Measurement/Instrumentation

  • Horiba MEXA-One emissions bench.
  • Sierra Instruments BG-3 Particulate Sampler
  • TSI Scanning Mobility Particulate Sizer 
  • Sartorius M3P Precision Microbalance in an environmental test chamber (for weighing particulate filters)
  • Horiba MEXA-7100 emissions bench
  • AVL i60 SESAM emissions benches
  • Thermo Scientific Trace 1300 Gas Chromatograph with FID and ISQ Mass Spectrometer
  • California Analytical Gas Analyzers for CO, CO2, THC and NOx emissions 
  • TA Instruments Q600 TGA/DSC Thermogravimetric Analyzer

Exhaust Aftertreatment

  • Fixed bed flow reactor for catalyst conversion and selectivity studies