Hydrogen Implementation

Hydrogen-Assisted IC Engine Combustion as a Route to Hydrogen Implementation

Students:  Elana Chapman, Melanie (Rudnik) Fox, Nicole Reed, James Szybist

Research Staff: Vince Zello

Prof. Dan Haworth, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Penn State University
Prof. Andr‚ Boehman, Deparment of Energy & Geo-Environmental Engineering

National Energy Technology Laboratory, US Department of Energy

Team Members:
Collier Technologies (Key Contact: Dr. Kirk Collier)
Delphi Automotive (Key Contact: M. James Grieve)
Dr. Mike McMillian, National Energy Technology Laboratory

To develop a practical means of implementing hydrogen in the transportation sector, blending hydrogen with natural gas or using on-board hydrogen to assist combustion of conventional fuels are investigated.

A Ricardo Hydra single-cylinder research engine is being used for the SI engine studies and an engine to be determined will be used for the CI engine studies. Both will include the use of hydrogen or hydrogen enriched natural gas (HCNG) produced at the Penn State Hydrogen Fueling Station. For more information see (http://www.engr.psu.edu/h2e/Pub/Kulakowski_etal_1.htm)

Refinery Integration - Hydrogen Implementation